Parasite Diagnosis

for the Pocket PC

This beta testing version of Parasite Diagnosis is available free of charge. The only requirement is that you register by postcard or by email, giving a valid e-mail address where you can be reached for updates and corrections to our own products. Your e-mail address will not be given or sold to others.

Send your name, profession, mailing address, and e-mail address to:
EastRidges Parasite
1233 Radcliffe Avenue
Kingsport, TN 37660

or e-mail to

This program has only been tested on Compaq iPAQ machines. If it works on your different pocket PC, please let me know. If it does not, please send a request, and different versions might be made available, depending on demand (and time). Thanks.


1. Create an empty, temporary directory on your desktop computer and download the following file into it:

(Right-click and choose to download the file.)

2. Unzip (into that same directory is fine.)

How that unzips depends on your computer. Open Windows Explorer to the directory you saved to.
Windows ME and Windows XP show as a compressed folder that you can browse without doing anything special to it. !You still need to uncompress the files, though! Right-click the zipped-folder icon and choose to extract the files.
Windows 95 and 98 show as a file, but double-clicking the file will run the unzip utility your computer has associated with .zip files. If your computer doesn't have any unzip utility installed for .zip files, you can download the latest Pkzip utility from They usually have a free beta version available.

3. Run the newly created file, setup.exe with your Pocket PC connected to the computer. That will install Parasite on the Pocket PC. Note, when Setup asks you to specify a folder to install Parasite into, it refers to a local, EMPTY, tempory folder on your PC, not the pocket PC. After installation you may delete that folder.

Please notify me of any problems! Parasite is not available right now for Palm-OS or for other Windows CE computers besides the Pocket PC

Reference: The following 6 files are zipped into the compressed file,

Information to tell the setup program where to install Parasite
The program that will set up Parasite on your Pocket PC
Parasite.Arm 1100 (4K) v3.00.CAB
420 kb Parasite program for Arm 1100 processors
Parasite.Arm 720T (4K) v3.00.CAB
420 kb Parasite program for ARM 720T processors
Parasite.Mips 4000 (4K) v3.00.CAB
533 kb Parasite program for Mips processors
Parasite.SH 3 (1K) v3.00.CAB
362 kb Parasite program for SH processors

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